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Pay just $1,000 upfront and 3-4% at closing based on your service level!


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Since June 2020, we've been experiencing a strong seller's market, with homes being sold within days, not months. With a high demand for properties, agents don't need to do much more than list your home on the local MLS. In some cases, offers are received as soon as the sign is placed in the yard.

So, why pay a 6% commission?

Introducing my affordable flat fee listing services – the smart choice for savvy home sellers in a this market. Instead of a 6% commission, you pay a $1000 flat fee plus 3% or 4% at closing, depending on your chosen service level. Most of that always goes to the agent who brings the buyer, not half, which is typical of 5-6% commission structure. My flat fee services provide everything you need to sell your home.

Recent Success Story:

East Beach - 4226 5th Street, St. Simons Island, GA 31522

Sold for $1,140,000 in just 43 days, saving the seller $22,800 in fees!

The majority of the commission goes to the agent who procures the buyer, so other agents have no disincentive to show your property. I make money by completing more transactions and securing you as a lifelong client.

To qualify for this service, you must live in your home and agree to buy your next home through me.

My clients love the savings from my flat fee services – click the link below to see my recent sales!

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My service is 100% guaranteed. With nothing to lose, be a savvy seller and save thousands!


1. Essential Flat Fee Listing:

You pay $1,000 upfront and 3% at closing. You'll handle some tasks, while I provide necessary services. This approach saves time and money, and it works because other agents have the same incentives as with any other listing.

To qualify, you must live in your home and agree to buy your next home from me.

I provide:

  • Local Monthly Market Reports - I will set up local market reports for the area and your subdivision so you can decide how to price your house. I will give you my opinion of value based on over 31 years real estate experience and recent market data, but you set the price.

  • Selling Strategy Consultation - I will consult with you from my experience on how to get the most money in the least amount of time.

  • Golden Isles MLS Listing - I list your property in the official local listing service used by all the Realtors in the area. You don't want to use anything else. This is what local agents use and it feeds all the local and national real estate websites. Don't be fooled...agents don't look at the Georgia MLS down here or any other listing service. Golden Isles MLS is where you want your home listed for sale and allow it to feed the local and national real estate websites.

  • Professional Real Estate Signs - Signage is one of the best means to expose your property to the market. I provide you with attractive real estate and open house signs when allowed.

  • Sentrilock Realtor Lockbox - This is a high-tech smart lockbox that all Realtors use in the area. It is the most secure and safest device available. We want to make it easy for Realtors to show your house, but safe at the same time. This is the box to use.

  • Property/Community Disclosures - I provide you with the proper legal forms and disclosures and These will be placed online for all buyers and their agents to review.

  • Broker Negotiated Offers and Contracts - I take care of all offers from Realtors, deal directly with them, and help you negotiate the best price and terms for your situation. I handle all the paperwork and make sure that you have a binding enforceable agreement for your piece-of-mind.

  • Closing Statement Review - You should receive a closing statement 3 days before you close for your review. I will answer any questions that you may have or get the answer for you so that you are fully informed prior to the closing. 

You handle:

  • Pictures/Virtual Tours - You pay for your own pictures, drone shots, and virtual tours as needed. I will suggest the best vendors. 

  • Showing Scheduling - You arrange all the showings directly with the buyer's agents by phone, email or text. Whatever is easiest for you. When they want to show your house, you schedule it at your convenience. I will give you helpful hints about showing preparation.

  • Property Information - You field all the questions about your property. This is what you do best anyway. You certainly know your property better than I or any other agent could possibly know so why not you answering the questions.  This can be done by phone, email, or text.


2. Full Service 4% Listing:

This full-service listing charges just 4% commission. Pay $1,000 upfront and 4% at closing, saving 2% on the sales price. 

This service is ideal for absentee owners and those not buying another home in the area.

For more details, contact me at 912.506.8709!

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